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It's Time for a Tire Change

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Ready to hit the road? Don't drive with old, worn-out tires-make sure your vehicle is road-ready with new tires from Wexford Street Automotive LLC in Needham, MA. The crew at our tire shop is equipped to work on vehicles of all types. You can trust us to help you find quality tires that keep your car safe for a price that fits your budget.

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Why should you get new tires?

If you need a tire change in Needham, MA, visit Wexford Street Automotive. Our tire shop is recognized throughout the area for reasonable prices and quality service. You should hire us to replace your old tires because:

  • New tires can increase your vehicle's performance
  • New tires can improve your car's gas mileage
  • New tires can enhance your overall driving experience

Is it time to replace your tires? Contact Wexford Street Automotive today to schedule a tire change at our local tire shop.