I've had the fortunate experience of bringing a few different vehicles to Will for various repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. He has been nothing but honest, informative, and helpful above all else. I would highly recommend Wexford Street Auto to anyone looking for great service with a more than reasonable price tag to match.

Brian V.

Needham, MA

Will has all the qualities you want in a mechanic-- talented, honest, consultative and a straight communicator. These have been rare to find in the area. He called me every step of the way to let me know what he was able to diagnose, quoted me an accurate price, and completed the task in a timely manner.I was hesitant to take my car anywhere in the area, having had a few bad experiences with other mechanics not being able to locate the root of the problem. If you've had similar experiences, I would suggest trying Wexford Street Automotive.

Anthony M.

Needham, MA

Wexford Street Automotive LLC auto repair service in Needham, MA