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Give Your Suspension a Lift

Ask about our vehicle suspension repair service in Needham, MA

Your vehicle's suspension system is designed to keep your car running smoothly. If your ride is getting bumpy, talk to the pros at Wexford Street Automotive LLC today. We're home to some of the top suspension repair mechanics in the Needham, MA area. No matter the type of car you drive, you can rely on us to find and fix suspension issues for a shockingly competitive price.

3 signs you need suspension repair

Many drivers in Needham, MA choose Wexford Street Automotive for vehicle suspension service. You should, too. Our experienced auto mechanics can handle problems of all types and sizes. You should call us for car suspension service if:

1.Your drive feels bumpy on smooth roads
2.You notice your tires are wearing unevenly
3.Your steering wheel shakes when you drive

If you notice these or others signs of suspension issues, call 781-686-5686 for expert car suspension service from the Needham, MA car repair pros at Wexford Street Automotive.